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About Us

Deep down every girl wishes she were a princess

If living in the Big Apple has taught us one thing; it’s that wishes are more powerful than most people think.

In a city like New York, you’re surrounded by things you wish you could have. There’s always a fancier restaurant, a higher end car, better real estate, you need only look straight ahead and there’s no doubt you won’t see at least one thing that sparks desire.

Our brand was conceptualized based on the concept of wishes. We followed the first thought that came to our minds and built on top of them. We wanted to provide a service that invokes desire; and nothing says ‘wish fulfilment’ more than looking like a princess. 

We are confident enough in our abilities to promise nothing but the best, most high quality braids & hair accessories. 

Show off your best “woke up like this” look with our classic, signature messy bun. Feeling a bit like embracing your adventurous side? Our two strand twists may be the way to go. 

And of course, nothing fulfils every girl’s wish to become a princess like having a braid in the shape of a Halo; you’ll have your very own crown.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your wishes can’t come true. Take it from us, if we didn’t choose to follow our wishes and desires, then we wouldn’t be here doing the same for you.


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